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Christian Racism

I’ve made a recent discovery that everyone in the Bible is actually white! You thought when they said “Jews”, they meant “Jewish people”, but you were wrong. It really means that they (from Adam all the way down to Jesus) were pale Aryans. Whoda thunk it? Please ignore the blatant misinterpretation of the Bible when convincing yourselves.

Anyway, I do have a question that perhaps our fearless seminary student can answer. In another thread, it is claimed that “British” comes from two Hebrew words that mean “The people of the covenant” and “Britain” comes from two Hebrew words that mean “Covenant Land”. Were the British really so self-righteous as to name themselves in this way, or does the name have nothing to do with Hebrew?



2005-01-06 19:46:50
so you must be refering to the quote: “And it is interesting to note that the word Brit-Aim is actually two Hebrew words, Brith-Ain, means ?Covenant Land.? The word Brit-Ish is also two Hebrew words meaning ?Covenant Man.? Here again is the word ?ish? for ?man? (Adam).” First of all Ain ( means “there is not” and people is pronounced am secondly burit does mean covenent or treaty but burit-am it would mean land covenent not convenent land. So pretty much that claim is just pretty much false and ridiculus. acording to merrium webster dictionary briton comes from middle english through french and latin “Britto” which means of celtic origin. although that doesnt mean the british werent so self rightous during the hight of british empire there were people who believed in british isrealism (see wikipedia artical for details) that is that great briton was God’s chosen nation and that the british were the lost tribes of isreal much the same way that people beleave that the US is Gods chosen nation. There was even the belief that Jesus after the reserection went the Great Britton. hence the line from the Blake poem (and later the popular hymn based on it) ” And did those feet in ancient times, Walk upon England?s mountains green? And was the holy lamb of god, On England?s pleasant pastures seen?”


2005-09-04 14:54:01
Jamele, I’m sorry you didn’t understand that the first paragraph in the post was written sarcastically. Of course none of the Jews in the Bible were white, I’m just pointing out a “blatant misinterpretation of the Bible” that ends in strange conclusions that somehow support overt racism.


2005-08-29 00:08:55
Man this has got to be the most ignorant thing I have ever heard. The only white people in the Bible and the Romans. Your research is completly inaccurant.