Eye Twelve

Competition Entry

Mandy and I took a couple pictures with our I-12 t-shirts on today. Mandy had to work pretty hard to get into her shirt.



Plain White T’s

Feeling a bit of I12 nostalgia and in the spirit of summer, I thought it would be interesting to have a friendly I12 t-shirt competition. Pull out your favorite I12 shirt from the dresser and show us a picture of what you’re up to this summer. Winner gets the glory of having the most posts on I12!


Chapel Hill

Following Neil’s example, I’ve posted an album of life in Chapel Hill. Enjoy.

Trip to Indonesia

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About a week ago my roommate Micah and I visited Ryan in Indonesia. We spent a couple of days there. Even though it was a very short visit, it was still a great time. I’ve uploaded all of the pictures from the visit here: pictures from Banda Aceh.

My Name Is Neil


I used to live with you.
OK, I’m kidding, but it has been a while. So here is an exciting photo update about my life. Do feel obligated to do the same.

summer wedding The summer was not exciting enough to take many pictures, but there was a wedding that I and my siblings went to. Don’t worry, Anna is still alive- she took the picture.

apartment I am now living in Ottawa (my fine nation’s fine capital). I am living in an apartment with some friends who also just moved to Ottawa. It is no I12, but…. there is probably something good about it.

Carleton U This is a picture of Carleton University in Ottawa. I go to school in the 14th floor of the only building in this picture with that many floors. I am doing an MA at Carleton’s Norman Paterson School of International Affairs.

Frangipani Flower

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My frangipani has finally bloomed. Today the first flower of the season unfurled, with many more on their way. In its fifth year in Michigan, I finally took care of it well enough for it to reward me with a bloom. Some pictures:

the flower

the flowergrowth this year

Bye Bye I

Its the end of an iera. So Christina and I moved out of building i on Saturday. It was sad to leave but nice to go to sunny mexico. Mrs Shim from upstairs said that I was blessed to have so many friends. There are pictures of cleaning if allison will upload them.

More New Albums!

I followed Adam’s advice to “upload pictures to your heart’s content” and created not one, but two albums with pictures from Mitch and Bekah’s wedding and other recent activities. Check them out!