Eye Twelve

Ah, the Good Old Days…

Remember the good ole days:

I’m sure some of these things still go on to this day, but it was fun for me to go through these pictures again.



2005-02-06 01:18:23
Good times, good times.


2005-02-07 21:18:26
good times good pictures. Although im not sure how i feel about them on the interweb were people like my parents and canadacy commity at calvin seminary can look at them.


2005-02-08 02:34:57
It’s true, that picture of you and Christina dancing is pretty scandalous. It’s practically sex standing up!

Kathy and Jim Boldenow

2005-02-17 20:02:19
It is true that Sam’s parents check out the I12 site occasionally but we went to Calvin during the 60’s when things really were scandalous.