Eye Twelve



2004-08-03 00:52:33
Sorry for missing the showing Adam. So how was the movie? What is the Adam critical evaluation of the film?


2004-08-03 13:13:15
The movie was quite funny. I’m pretty sure I laughed more during it than any other movie in years. Although the characters are somewhat one-sided, they seem very real. I think this is because they are so eccentric that it’s hard to see past their strangeness to what they’re really like. So, it appears that they are one dimensional, when they are not. I’ve known people like this. In the way that the characters seemed very realistic to me, I’d have to say that the acting was excellent. The humor was mostly a result of the characters (largely Napoleon, the main character) being so socially inept. However, I don’t find this particularly funny most of the time. What made this movie especially funny was that the characters were played in such a way that you can’t help but identify with them. That’s what gives it punch, and that’s what makes you laugh.