Eye Twelve

The Photo Gallery Is Here!

I 12 Life

Thats right, you can check out all the cool happenings in I-12 in the photo gallery. Look through the pictures till your heart’s content. Also check out the cool slideshow feature.



2004-08-02 13:42:23
We need to keep getting those pictures up there. Do Scott and/or Joel have digital cameras? If not, there’s going to be a distinct lack of one in the apartment this fall.


2004-08-03 00:50:15
I agree with Adam. I-12 needs a digital camera so they can keep us visually informed of all the happenings.

Jim Ludema

2004-08-03 09:35:00
Who’s the foxy babe on the sofa?


2004-08-03 23:31:33
I dont know but id like her number.