Eye Twelve

Super Fast

Yo yo. I’ve got some news for y’all. Three weeks ago on July 9th, 2004 I was a part of a wedding. We already have access to the pictures! That’s right…super fast! You can take a look at the pictures from that event by going to Ben Arendt’s 1337 site. The first box you have to fill in, might be my last name in all lowercase. The other thing you have to fill in, might be the wedding date in the format mmddyy. Eventually Mandy and I will get all these pictures on a CD in their full quality. If anyone finds some they really want, we can work something out to get those to you somehow.



2004-08-06 16:29:08
The wedding pics are way cool, pretty artsy and of course the people in them are very good looking so that helps. Good work.