Eye Twelve



The weekend of March 4, 2006 several visitors made their way over to Grand Rapids. Naomi, Neil, Adam, and Olivia all came for a weekend full of food, fun, and festivities. The pictures are in the gallery.

A Birthday Success

Thanks to all who came to Mitch’s birthday party. A great time was had.

Hannah Elise

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A new member has been added to Karyn’s family! My brother and sister-in-law, Brian and Lynelle, had their first child, Hannah Elise. She was born on January 28, 2006, and is pretty much the cutest thing I’ve ever seen!!


Doing Science


I had to take a few pictures at work for a presentation I am doing so I thought I would share this one. This picture proves that I actually do work every once in a while. I almost look like a real scientist in the picture.

Bling Bling



The rumors are true! Mitch and Rebekah are engaged. More information about the nuptial cerimonies will be forthcoming.

Kitchen Cleaning

Smelly Pot

So what does potato leek soup smell like after its been sitting out for close to a month? Really bad. That’s the recent discovery here after cleaning the kitchen and finding the month old brew. Sort of brings back memories from those fond old days back in I12.

Philippines for Me

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As I type I am sitting in Cebu City at the Children’s Shelter of Cebu (CSC). The Philippines are amazing (as Ryan can attest to). Filipino kids are the cutest kids alive. To see all the poverty in the city and then to enter the gates of CSC and leave that behind is tough to descibe. If you know anyone who wants to adopt (any age and any number of kids) CSC is a place to checkout. Their website cscshelter.org is under construction at the present time.