Eye Twelve

More Space

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You’ll be glad to know that eyetwelve.com has been moved to a new web host and has a lot more storage space available. We’ve gone from about 450MB to about 16,500MB. So, upload pictures to your hearts’ content.

Another Album

Go look at the long awaited roll of film that recently (ok, not so recently) came out of my camera. It’s fun stuff. One of these days I’ll get up a few awesome pictures I have from work. –Christina

New Album

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Hi guys! Check out the new album!


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When one moves away from the blissful utopia of I12 they learn just how scary the real world can be. There have been two confirmed fatalities and at least one more rat still lurking in the kitchen.

Living the High Life

Its hard not to live it up when backpacking on the High Country Pathway. A gallery of the amazing pictures from the trip is pending increased webspace on I12.

Bekah’s Birthday!

Friends gathered to celebrate Bekah’s 22 years in the world. The Greek food and 6 flavors of ice cream were enjoyed by all.



It’s true! Josh and Karyn are engaged! The wedding day is set for October 28, 2006.

I Have a Computer

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It’s true! Sam has built me a computer! He says, “it may be faster than Adam’s.”

The Goatee

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Here it is. It’s true. Matt, Ryan, Edy, Batia, and some fishing buddies after a long night of fishing. They caught 4 baskets of fish and a half-dozen small squid.