Eye Twelve


The weekend of March 4, 2006 several visitors made their way over to Grand Rapids. Naomi, Neil, Adam, and Olivia all came for a weekend full of food, fun, and festivities. The pictures are in the gallery.



2006-03-12 23:48:56
hmm sad they seem to be out focus. horay for pictures though just in time in for a background on the newly redone steenie ibook. when are allisons from here shiny new camera going to show up?


2006-03-13 01:03:03
Soon. I was waiting for Mitch to finish his so they can be sequential.


2006-03-15 00:31:06
Yea! I posted them!


2006-03-15 07:41:16
Being backi in GR was evidence that eyetwelve is more than an apartment. It was great seeing you all!