Eye Twelve



2005-12-05 10:16:54
Good times. Who’s that sitting on the floor? Naomi?


2005-12-06 13:06:26
Ya, that’s Naomi. I wonder if she visits this blog.


2005-12-10 15:51:06
Hey everyone. Neil, great pictures. very typical of I12. Glad I was in the picture, even if others were unsure of it. As you can tell I do visit this blog from time to time. I don’t do it too often because when mitch posts picture of all the fun happening in GR I usually feel a bit depressed and start missing people all over again.


2005-12-11 11:21:00
she speaks! hi naomi. maybe if you post pictures fo fun stuff over there, everyone will be jealous and you can lure them into coming down.


2005-12-11 14:22:13
I think its a good idea that others start posting pictures. Being lured out of Grand Rapids wouldn’t be a bad thing in my opinion. Hope you guys all have a nice holiday season.


2005-12-21 03:11:00
I would be happy to lure you all to NM through my pictures, but I feel as though I’m cursed from posting my pictures on i12. Earlier the site didn’t seem to be working and now neither my pass word nor mitch’s is working for me. maybe it’s better this way. I’m sure that all of you would come flocking to NM and disregard any commitments you may have if I had posted the pictures already :)