Eye Twelve

Google Maps

Google maps is pretty cool and it just got cooler. Ive been using it a lot to find my way to paritioners houses. On July 9 I was trying to figure out the scale of the map alas there was no way to tell. So I sent an email to Google. Today I look and sure enough they have added a scale line in the corner. So all and all im pretty pleased with google maps. Im just hoping that the goverment isnt tracking my movements using the addresses I enter.



2005-07-15 17:05:11
I’m having a problem finding the scale lines you’re talking about. Neither Christina or I can find it in either Firefox or IE.


2005-07-16 02:19:50
Im not sure what to tell you. there is a little line in the bottom left corner marked with miles and km. its black. it changes numbers when you zoom in and out. it even changes based on the distortions and where you are in the map projection.


2005-07-16 09:19:24
Now it’s there. They say the new trends start in Nebraska and move east, so maybe we were just a bit behind here.


2005-07-22 23:03:18
The new hybrid option for Google maps is pretty cool too. Check it out. Mitch