Eye Twelve

Harry Potter Madness

This coming Saturday (the 16th) I12 will join the throng eager to read JK Rowling’s newest book about Harry Potter, Harry Potter and the Halfblood Prince. The said book will be delivered directly to our doorstep courtesy of Amazon. There is already a queue for reading privileges with Allison first in line. We will report back on the quality of this latest addition to the series.



2005-07-12 19:19:20
It will be good to see people reading something other than romance novels for a change.


2005-07-17 18:02:24
Well, I finished Harry Potter and the Half-blood Prince within 18 hours of recieving it, with several of these hours spent attending a wedding and a few watching “The Producers” which was hilarious. I can’t say the same for Harry Potter, though. It seems J.K. Rowling has made good on her promise that the books will continue getting darker. The overall mood of the book was pretty serious and depressing, though it was of course not without some moments which will make you (or at least made me) laugh out loud. I don’t think that the ending of the book was as well done as some of the others, but the book is certainly worth reading, especially for the diehard fan. Just don’t try to read the dust jacket with a straight face. Says one reader “it sounds like it was translated from another language!”