Eye Twelve


So what’s the status on the salsa availability? Anybody have planned trips to get some? Mandy and I have been craving some lately. I looked online a little bit to see what our options are for buying it online. The two sites that seemed most promising were TicoShopping.com and LaPulpe.com. Both TicoShopping.com and LaPulpe have a wide selection of sizes. The prices for both are pretty close. However, we’ll have to check the shipping costs. It looks like both required a login before I could get to the point of seeing total cost.

Does anybody have any opinions on either of those two sites as far as which might be the safest bet? Also, does anyone want to go in with us to get some? We’re leaning toward the half gallon size, but we might get two with the hope that the unopened one will stay fresh without being refrigerated. So, do you want in? If so how much? Any other input is welcome.



2005-05-13 13:23:46
so yea i have a log in to lapulpe.com. im guessing its pretty upstanding sight since theve bin around for more then a year. the shiping is quite expensive but i dont remeber exactly what it is. if only we could find a store around here that carries it. but alas the mexican stores ive gone to dont carry it.


2005-05-14 23:56:13
Luke, word on the street is that Sam’s mom offered to send some along this way if we pay for the cost and shipping of course. Though if its not to expensive to get some over the Intarweb, I’m in for one or two.

William Fort

2005-06-11 13:26:33
I must say TicoShopping has been my provider for the Salsa I consume. They guarantee their deliveries and once 1 bottle of my order was damaged and they let me choose to resend the bottle or to credit my credit card, all with an awesome customer service. Qualify: A+++ and yes, unfortunately shipping charges are not low but preatty reasonable since it comes directly fresh from CR (and insured).