Eye Twelve


The week and a half mark has past. Being away from I12 is taking its toll. I can’t eat, sleep, or even think anymore. So it’s not that bad, but I do miss the stablizing surrounding of I12. Therefore, I will be returning home this weekend. I would post pictures of my progress, but I forgot the cable and they would probably come out all funny looking.



2005-04-21 15:01:16
Unfortunately, your entire apartment (including Christina and I) will be gone from friday night to saturday night on a camping trip in the cold.


2005-04-22 15:56:35
Foul weather has overtaken the ambition of many (but not all) of the potential campers causing the camping trip to be canceled. We’ll just have to throw a welcome home party for Joel instead.


2005-04-23 15:21:51
If Joel doesn’t come back soon, we are going to get in the car, or several cars, track him down, and bring him home.