Eye Twelve

Food Pyrmid

Since people are into food pyrmids at i 12, the news of a new food pyramid has created quite a stir. although one resedent was heard saying “I dont really get into the pyramid maby because im used to the food rainbow” refering to the canadian equivilent to the food pyramid. The new prymid features an excersing stick figure in order to incorage people to be really skinny.



2005-04-19 22:49:25
I never knew that there was a food rainbow.


2005-04-20 17:29:20
C’est vrai, in Canada we eat whale blubber and snow. When we map that onto our food rainbow, a diet like that becomes much more appealing.


2005-04-20 19:01:40
Where do the baby seals go in the rainbow? Don’t forget about the Mexican Food Pyramid. And please notice that the Food Pyramid is racist against all non-whites.


2005-04-20 19:04:04
Oops, forgot to mention that there are different food pyramids for many different groups like Yugoslavians and those living in Biblical Times.