Eye Twelve

Of Blinkers and Policemen

So, as Allison and I (enroute to Gallup, NM) were driving through Lincoln, Nebraska, we saw several cars being pulled over by cops on the left side of the road. Allison deftly moved over into the next lane as was appropriate. Seconds later, a police car who had been in the left lane was behind us again with lights flashing. We were aghast, certainly it couldn’t be us! Allison said, “I wonder who he is pulling over.” The police man pointed at us to get over, so over we got. Once over on the side of the road, I searched for Naomi’s registration (we were driving the hybrid) and Allison searched for her license. After making the policeman wait for a few minutes, we finally produced the goods. After ascertaining that this car did not belong to either of us, the officer of the law asked Allison to step out of the vehicle and answer a LOT of questions. But first he explained that the reason she was pulled over was because she failed to signal 100 feet prior to the lane change and did not keep the blinker on until she was fully in the lane (Allison–“Ohhhh, mmmhmmm”). Some of the questions he asked included, “Where are you going?” “How did you get here?” (Allison–“We drove”) “How do you know the owner of the vehicle?” and “You say Naomi was at a wedding, what time was the wedding?” Then he pointed towards his police car and said, I want you to walk over that way..(Allison thought, does he think I am drunk? We’ve just been talking for a couple minutes)…and stand by the wall while I go talk to your passenger. At this point, he returned to the car where I had been anxiously waiting and asked me similar questions as those he posed to Allison. Apparently our stories lined up well enough to satisfy said officer. He retrieved Allison and said, “You can get back in the car, I’ll just take down your information.” Allison got in the car laughing and said, “I think he thinks this car is stolen!” I concurred. The officer then gave back the license and registration and said, “Just remember about those turn signals.” Since Allison was worried about pulling out off the shoulder of a busy four lane highway while driving stick, we then proceeded to switch seats without getting out of the car, managing to turn on the cabin lights and the windshield wipers in the process. We wondered, as I pulled away, what he thought of us crazy girls. And you (and the officer) will be happy to know that we were very careful about following the blinker laws ever after. The End. (sorry this got so long…)



2005-03-15 14:22:28
For those of you keeping track at home, to have your blinker on for 100 feet means you’d have to have it on for almost 2 entire seconds when traveling at 35 mph and about 1 second when traveling at 70 mph. Why is it tied to a distance? Do we really need the blinker on for longer when we’re going slower? Unfortunately I was unable to find any complete rules on the intarweb in my quick search.


2005-03-16 12:33:59
How come Allison gets all the cool traffic stories?


2005-03-17 00:00:05
because I’m cool. that’s why.

Mom Allison’s mom that is!

2005-03-17 18:43:14
I was not informed about this when Allison called me….does this mean she has something to hide??? Her brothers think she is forsure on drugs! Could this be true….???? not our Allison!!! Oh NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! I’m just so glad I didn’t have to bail her out from the Nebraska jail!! What else isn’t she telling me???? — your Wondering mother


2005-03-19 11:33:56
I alway thought it had to do with her erratic driving ;)