Eye Twelve



2005-03-12 11:43:02
Of course, this warrants a reference to The Brick Testament. If you haven’t seen it before, a pastor recreated many of the scenes in the Bible with Lego bricks, took pictures of them, and paired them with the appropriate Bible verses. Viewer discretion is advised, though, since many of the scenes have sexual content and violence! Watch out for your eternal soul on this one.


2005-03-12 16:28:44
wow thats impresive although not exactly charitable exegesis. also im pretty sure hes not actualy a pastor…


2005-03-13 02:24:38
After looking at his site, I think I’ll have to agree that he’s probably not a pastor. Also, a news post (second one on the page, “Pope honors Rev. Smith”), reveals that he has never been ordained.