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As part of an assignment for my music in community class, we took a Meyer-Briggs personality test. The results to the test came in today. I am an ESTP, which means I am an extroverted, sensing, thinking, and preceiving person. Other famous people who are ESTP include Simon Peter (Christ’s disciple), Michael J. Fox, and Bruce Willis. To take an online verson of the personality test click here or here.



2005-02-25 01:58:45
I’ve heard it said over and over that opposites attract… and now I finally believe that it is true! Signed, an INFJ


2005-02-25 21:46:23
I’m a strong INFP - (introvert, intuative, feeler, perceiver.) No surprise there, especially since it’s the same thing I got when I took the test in 9th grade.


2005-02-28 21:13:44
me, im a ENTP. although im only a borderline extrovert.


2005-03-01 13:13:06
INTJ here. I think that’s the same thing I got when I had to take a similar test for my psychology class as a sophomore.


2005-03-01 21:33:08
ditto adam. INTJ

Kathy and Jim Boldenow

2005-03-05 09:15:27
Sam’s father is an INTP but light on the I. Could this indicate a genetic influence? A sample of one. Perhaps Sam is more E because of his Latin American influence whereas Jim grew up in an uptight Dutch family.