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ever wonder what thelogian your most like? now you can find out! Prof. L. Smit is developing a questionier to help freshmen choose a theologian to read for her class. She doesnt have all that many theologian put it yet but it still its kinda fun. me i identified most with the following three theologians:

Jonathan Edwards on 58% of the questions. C.S. Lewis on 56% of the questions. Aurelius Augustine on 52% of the questions.

not a bad crowd. find out who your most like here.

jonathan edwards



2005-02-22 23:56:50
After thoroughly going through the 48 question exam, I discovered Jonathan Edwards is the theologian I am most like…or at least 48% like.


2005-02-23 08:37:39
Maby we should declare Jonathan Edwards the offical theolgian of i 12?


2005-02-23 12:35:31
After my receint knowledge from cramming for my Immunology test, I don’t know if I can condone his over use of the smallpox vaccine…but I could see myself throwing a vote in his tehological direction.


2005-02-23 12:50:46
For those wanting to know more about Jonathan Edwards, CCEL.org has some good material written by him. It even has both Volume 1 and Volume 2 of The Works of Jonathan Edwards. I may have had to work with both of those massive volumes during my time at CCEL.


2005-02-24 17:37:29
Dietrich Bonhoeffer on 42% of the questions. Thomas Aquinas on 38% of the questions. C.S. Lewis on 38% of the questions. I’m a little dissappointed that I don’t have Jonathan in my camp. And I’m not sure what it means that I currently have the least support from the well known theologians of those that have posted. I have to admit, I wouldn’t have pegged Luke as a mystic.


2005-02-23 16:40:26
Today: Dietrich Bonhoffer 46% of the questions. C.S. Lewis 40% of the questions. Karl Barth on 40% of the questions. Freshman year: Aurelius Augustine on 35% of the questions. C.S. Lewis on 33% of the questions. Jonathan Edwards on 33% of the questions. now the real question is have i degenerated or improved with age?


2005-02-23 17:31:18
So if we declared Jonathan Edwards to be the official theologian of i 12, would we, in order to be faithful followers, have to start inoculating ourselves and our visitors against smallpox?


2005-02-23 18:44:35
I would vote against the inoculating part.


2005-02-24 09:53:21
I approve of making Jonathon Edwards the official I12 theologian. But, I think instead of innoculating for small pox, we should have a daily reading of Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God. Just kidding. Dietrich Bonhoeffer: 54% Jonathan Edwards: 52% C.S. Lewis: 50%


2005-02-24 10:19:08
Jonathan Edwards on 60% of the questions. John Bonaventure on 52% of the questions. Julian of Norwich on 48% of the questions.


2005-03-03 23:13:58
bonhoeffer: 35% edwards: 27% lewis: 27% take heart, adam!