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Interstate 12


At a lively birthday party for Naomi, at which all current I 12 residents were present, the question was raised: Is there an Interstate 12? A brief search on the intarweb proved that there is in fact an I-12. The highway is located only in the state of Lousiana. Its length totals 85 miles, streaching from Baton Rouge to Alton. Who would have known that a road could share its name with such a cool apartment? Future plans to visit such a national landmark may be in the makings.



2005-02-22 02:09:56
There’s a good chance that I’ve at least seen Interstate 12! In my travels from Mississippi to New Orleans, we might have taken I-59. I’ll have to confirm our route, and see if I have an advantage over the other residents.

Kathy and Jim Boldenow

2005-02-26 14:58:36
Sam’s parents would like to report that Sam has also been on Interstate 12. We took a famous trip when Sam was about 11 - from Miami, to Michigan, across the top of Lake Superior to Thunder Bay, across the rest of Canada to British Coloumbia, down through Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons, Utah and Bryce Canyon, El Paso, Texa, Juraez, Mexico and over to the Alamo (at Sam’s request) across the rest of Texas to Lousiana (and the entire, famous I12), across the Florida Panhandle and then back home to Miami! It was late at night when we rode on I 12 so it is likely that he slept through that part of the famous trip.


2005-02-28 20:58:45
wow im way cooler then i thought. I vaguely remeber being in lousiana. if i remeber correctly there were some extreamly attractive giant cyprus trees shrowded in mist there. though i dont remeber the names of the highways on that trip.


2005-03-02 08:42:18
So I confirmed last night that I did in fact ride on I-12. Booyah, Grandma.