Eye Twelve

Site Upgrade

You might have noticed that things are a little different here at eyetwelve.com. This is because WordPress has undergone a major version increase to 1.5. So, I while upgrading the software that powers the site, I also went for a slight theme tweak. In the next few days I should be finishing up the changes, so let me know if anything isn’t working or needs attention!

P.S. - Don’t even think about viewing the site in IE. ;)



2005-02-21 23:38:36
Okay, I think I fixed the little CSS bugs, so all of the pages should look right, and it should work even in bad Microsoft browsers. Oh yeah, and check out the cool new 1.5 feature that lets you use your admin account to make comments! Just log in, and the comments box will automatically know who you are. This is a feature I so wanted in 1.2. Now I just have to get around to theming Gallery…


2005-02-22 01:27:39
yea it looks cleaner. What happened to the image posting add in? sam


2005-02-22 02:11:53
The Image Browser plugin has been restored. There is still a bug if the image has a spaces in the filename, so just avoid that and all should be well.


2005-02-21 09:59:29
Nice work. I like the theme changes, they make it feel a bit cleaner.


2005-02-24 09:55:39
looks nice