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Fun in Miami

Though this post is long overdue, I think that my (not so recent) trip to Miami deserves chronicling. I went to Miami for the 2nd Annual Appreciative Inquiry Conference. I arrived a couple of days before the sessions started to help out and get into the conference free. I had two great coworkers from Sri Lanka and Venezuela. We stayed at the ritzy Doral hotel complete with a spa and a golf course. I didn’t have time (or money) to enjoy the spa area, but did take a dip in the pool. My dad was there (spent some quality time with the papito). He lead one of the opening sessions. It was an awesome conference overall, lots of talk about how businesses can make positive change in their employees lives and the lives of people around them (community, customers, etc.). One of the highlights was hearing a talk by this guy, Gus Gustafson, who for his PhD interviewed a whole bunch of people who started extraordinary non-profits (ex. Habitat for Humanity-not started by Carter) and compiled a list of qualities of a good leader. Other awesome presenters included Mike Mantel of World Vision (specifically about Vision Chicago) and some dude from the Navy. Pretty much it was awesome.



2004-11-19 16:08:48
C, I checked out your dad’s website. I now know more about him than I ever knew before. :)