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I’ve got a handful of links to get the ol’ I-12 juices flowing. Check it out:

First, take a stroll down to the conspiracy theory department (don’t forget to check your tin hats at the door). Ever wonder how a 747 makes a small hole in the pentagon and disappears? You’re not the only one. How about this whole deal with powerful people with close ties to military suppliers starting preemptive wars? We’re not the only ones who’re thinking about it. (Thanks to Scott for pointing this one out.)

Next, it’s time for your entertainment. Cribbed from my own site is a fun site that lets you see what people are linking to with TinyURL. On a political note, JibJab has done another farcical song called “Good to be in DC”. It’s fun, check it out. In the good stories with a copyleft department, we have Cory Doctorow. He has published a collection of short stories online, and they’re free for download and redistribution. Unfortunately, they’re only available in plain text, and other ugly formats. So, I’ve done some typesetting on a couple of the stories, so they’re easier and more pleasant to read. I’m hoping to eventually get all of them done, so keep checking up on that page. My recommendation: next time you want to watch a TV show or surf the web for a bit, go get one of the stories and take a half hour to read it. It won’t take longer than that, and it will be a good read. I for one could use a bit more exercise of the old imagination. I hope everyone is following my Counter-Strike clan this season. Sadly, we have had one loss, but we’re shooting for making that an isolated incident. IDLE AND SUPPORT!!! If you’re into non-fiction entertainment, don’t forget to keep your mouse over a bookmark to a random page from Wikipedia.

On a more serious political note, I found that PBS has made their excellent “Frontline: The Choice 2004” program available to watch online. This basically chronicles the journey of John Kerry and George W. Bush from young adulthood to their present situations. I heard a section of this on NPR, and didn’t realize it was just the audio from this program. It is very well done, and gives insight into the past of the Big Two candidates.

I know we’re all looking forward to the upcoming release of Firefox 1.0. So, to get yourself properly pumped for the big day, you can download some desktop wallpapers to keep up the appropriate level of excitement. I especially like the ones from rakaz.

That’s about all I’ve got at the moment. Now everyone follow my example and add more posts to the site!



2004-10-21 00:54:51
Excellent work out there, Adam! Grade A investigative material! I’ll be sitting glued to this uncomfortable chair for days thanks to your incredible amount of linkage insanity!