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Mozilla Updates

You guys probably already know about this, since you’re so Intarweb saavy, but just in case, Mozilla released new versions of the Firefox browser and the Thunderbird email client today. This is 0.10 (or the 1.0 Preview Release) for Firefox, and 0.8 for Thunderbird.

New Firefox features include a find-as-you-type bar, more noticable SSL alerts (the address bar turns yellow on encrypted sites), a popup blocker bar (if you don’t disable it), RSS bookmarks, default theme improvements and more. Download the Windows installer now.

For Thunderbird, there is finally full migration support from Outlook and others (including importing all email and address book entries), an RSS reader that seems pretty nice (though I can’t make it display just the message summary for eyetwelve’s news RSS. first bug?), UI improvements and more. Download the Windows installer now.



2004-09-14 16:17:40


2004-09-14 17:03:28
mmm watch out though i had truble reinstalling my mouse gestures!


2004-09-14 17:10:12
although installing a previous verison of the mouse gestures worked. moust gestures allow you to do things like going forward and back by right clicking and moving left or right. get them at http://optimoz.mozdev.org/gestures/