Eye Twelve


Today at work I was an anhinga. Although there are many anhingas in miami, its really unsual because they suposedly dont live in michigan(click on this and go to BBS map to see their range acording to the USGS). My imployer said she saw one and i was a little incredulus. However i saw it today while i was rowing in the lake and we got the bird book out and it definatly was an anhinga. Later ive found a website that says they have been spoted as far north as wisconson.



2004-09-13 21:51:37
Well, I’m glad you’ve made the conversion back into a human now. ;)


2004-09-13 22:46:59
most people think that dyslexia is only a debilitating thing but it can be very usefull as well in this case i was able to change my seeing an anhinga into being an anhinga try that good spellers!


2004-09-14 10:30:55
I’m not exactly sure how your bird recognizing skills are, but are you sure it wasn’t a cormorant? Cormorants have a sort of hooked beak at the end, while anhinga’s beaks are straighter.


2004-09-14 19:39:41
nope it had that thought too but it was a straight beek