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Finca Field Trip

Honduras Farm

So this week my group took a field trip to a farm out in the country. It was a three hour drive from Tegucigalpa through the countryside of Honduras. Very scenic. The farm was pretty cool too. It is a successful development project in rural Honduras. Hope this picture turned out better than the last one.



2004-09-06 22:55:19
whoo hoo for succesful development projects. its nice to know that some one out there is traveling to interesting places even if its not me


2004-09-07 11:59:59
You should start a new gallery and upload full sized pictures when you get the chance. Assuming, of course, that you have an Internet connection that can handle such an operation.


2004-09-12 20:33:30
…yeah, the connections are a bit slow here and many computers lack USB ports, but a gallery may be coming…we´ll see.

Todd Machiela

2004-09-13 06:21:26
Hey Mitch, Awsome site & cool pic’s! I am on Hurricane restoration duty (5th week now) Got plenty of free time, will send you an email!