Eye Twelve

Labor Day Weekend

I’m going to be in Grand Rapids all weekend (from Friday to Monday night). I know that Sam and Christina are in Chicago, but is anyone else going to be around to hang out?



2004-09-06 18:30:32
Guess not. :(


2004-09-06 22:54:20
im sad that we missed you are you. are you coming again anytime soon? how are the classes going?


2004-09-07 11:55:43
I’m not sure when I’ll be back, but my one class so far went well. Also, in a tragic turn of events, I left several bottles of Irish beer in the apartment, and I don’t have any in Ann Arbor. :(


2004-09-11 17:55:53
I was here, but all I did all weekend was paint for the Postema-Dekkers and take care of a very anxious, annoying dog who kept barking at me like she wanted to kill me, so I didn’t really have any fun either. And the Irish beer wasn’t that great anyway.