Eye Twelve

Resident Residing in Honduras

Well friends and family of I 12 I have finally made it to Honduras, figured out my webpage password, and found a good enough internet connection to make a p0st on the webpage. This is a picture of my family and I at Picacho, a park that overlooks the city of Tegucigalpa. I am having lots of fun and am enjoying all the free time I have. I have seen a lot of things already. More pictures will come in the future.



2004-08-31 16:30:47
Sorry guys, didnĀ“t realize the picture was so bad. The others will be better.


2004-08-31 18:20:58
they look friendly enough. I hope that your enjoying your self. how is the spanish comming?

Bekah’s Mom

2004-09-05 23:35:55
Will enjoy looking at these pictures thru out the semester!


2004-09-19 19:58:33
The picture has been reloaded and looks much better now. Enjoy!