Eye Twelve

Counting Down the Days

Well, basically I needed an excuse to write in here to appease the anger of Sam as he has been the only diligent author in the I12 user group. So my excuse is that as the August days grow fewer and fewer and as more and more of my siblings and/or acquaintences begin their school year, the more I am reminded of how little of my summer is left before school begins. Adam leaves on Friday :‘( and by Monday we will have a mere 8 days of freedom before the internment that is Calvin college. But truth be known, with that frustration comes some anticipation. I have yet to experience a Christian college in all it’s glory and I’m downright excited when I think about aspects of the college experience that will (hopefully) be vastly different than those of a public university. And by aspects, I mean fraternities. So here’s to changes–some good and some not so good. But all of them molding who we are, and who we are becoming. We’ll miss ya, Adam.