Eye Twelve

Hebrew Midterm

In other news sam did ??? ??? (tov meod(very good)) on his hebrew midterm. Sam is excited about this develpment because hebrew is has lots of spelling in it and Sam does not like spelling.



2004-08-17 10:11:27


2004-08-17 11:11:56
Fantastic, my friend. I tossed one upstairs to the Big Fella for ya. Way to go.

Kathy Boldenow

2004-08-18 06:16:19
I am very impressed. Love, Mom

Jim Boldenow

2004-08-18 18:19:08
The old-fashioned ultra-Calvinist “dominees” used to refer to themselves in the third person in their loquacious diatribes known as sermons. For example, Eno Haan said, ?Rev. Haan finds this kind language offensive.? Do I detect a bit of this in an internet posting by someone using the third person when referring to themselves? Does seminary teach this royal way of speaking?


2004-08-19 09:09:05
On the flip side, arrogant profesional athletes also refer to themselves in the third person…