Eye Twelve

Moving In

Hey there Friends,

Scott Hekman here. I’m the newest newbie. And perhaps the youngest. I’m an engineering student who is transferring in from Purdue/GVSU. Yep, this will be my third school. Definitely looking forward to partaking in all the joys that constitute being a brother in the I12 barracks. I’m also planning on attending Thursday’s Bible study and beginning the move-in process that night as well. Also, I hope to be all moved in and ready to sleep in my new bed by Saturday night. Can’t wait!

Scott Henry VIII



2004-08-10 14:42:26
Welcome, Scott! We’re looking forward to having you move in.


2004-08-10 17:47:51
awsome it should be good times

Kathy Boldenow

2004-08-10 18:08:41
We have some experiece living with Sam. We aren’t sure what advise to give you but we wish you all the best.


2004-08-11 11:20:34
Thanks for all the words of encouragement, I’m stoked to get in as quickly as possible!


2004-08-12 22:53:18
I will get to meet you this weekend. later dude