Eye Twelve

Millinum Park

Me and Christina visited Chicago’s Millenium Park with Christina’s mom. The stage and the bridge over the road were designed by Frank Gehry. Here is an NPR interview with him. I thought the bridge was pretty cool. Christina said it was kinda like dragon which made it doubly cool. I also liked the water fountin sculpture (me and christina are standing in front of it in the picture) because it was interesting to watch and it is fun for people to play in especialy since water spouts out from the people’s mouth every once and a while. Also cool was the new bike garage which has room to store bikes but also showers for comuters. As cool as the new park was it was definatly sad to walk just a few minutes south of the new expensive park to the old park were there were homeless people.



2004-08-08 12:05:13
Sick! I don’t think I want some giant person spitting all over me. You can get diseases from stuff like that.