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Accidental Action

Tonight, after Joel and I watched Ararat in our apartment, we got a call from Allison. She had gotten into a car accident and wanted us to come down to the scene. So, Joel and I drove down to Baxter and Fuller and met up with her. It ended up taking a few hours, but Allison was safe and we got back to our apartment around midnight. You can check out the WOOD TV 8 live report of the incident if you have RealPlayer, or download it if you have XviD.



2004-08-07 09:28:11
Yowzers. Sounds like the popo should have had at least his headlights on. Scary. Glad to hear Allison is OK.


2004-08-07 12:30:53
wow. good thing no one was killed. way to tell the news people about it already being dusk and having your lights on!

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2004-11-04 23:07:06
[…] ate to Accidental Action Filed under: News — Luke @ 7:06 pm Update to Acidental Action: Looks like the office will not get charged or disciplined. […]